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Employer Sponsored Plans

We can assist businesses with a wide array of Qualified Employer Sponsored Plans. Implementing these plans usually provides a tax benefit to the employer and is a good method of retaining valuable employees. While Non-Qualified Employer Sponsored Plans are funded by the employer and may offer more flexibility, they do not meet ERISA guidelines and do not qualify for the same tax benefits as qualified plans. Below is a list of employer sponsored plans available through Legacy Financial Partners.

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Deferred Compensation & Profit-Sharing Programs
Let us help you shop existing plans for a better value and benefit for your business and your employees. We will then help you implement a plan, which in turn helps with employee retention and increases tax benefits.

We are here to help with implementation of simple IRAs, including a review of current investment strategies and current cost structures on existing plans.

401(k), 403(b) & Retirement Plan Reviews
We are here to help with implementation of 401k, 403b and retirement plans, including a review of current investment strategies and current cost structures on existing plans.

Employee Benefit Programs
Our services include health, life, long-term care, AD&D, 401k, 403b, deferred compensation, profit sharing, short and long term disability insurance. With our help, you will see a variety of tax benefits, which thereby helps with employee retention and recruiting.

Key Person Insurance
We provide rates and terms for new policies and we review existing policies for better rates and benefits. We provide you, the employer, with greater peace of mind in the event that a key employee passes away.

Business Succession Planning
It’s important to plan how you will successfully exit your business, and we are here to help navigate the situation. This topic encompasses many other issues in the financial services industry. We work together with you, the business owner, your attorney and your CPA to help identify a succession plan. We then implement that plan in order to help you either sell or transition the business to the next generation, a third party or a key employee.

Business Money Management & Investments
We can help provide full asset management for business investments and we review existing portfolios for better allocations and possible fee reductions.

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